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Episodes In 2011, Part 2
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0428. Grey's Anatomy: 7x18 Song Beneath The Song
0429. The Practice: 2x18 The Ties That Bind
0430. Camelot: 1x01 Homecoming
0431. Camelot: 1x02 The Sword And The Crown
0432. The Borgias: 1x01 The Poisoned Chalice
0433. The Borgias: 1x02 The Assassin
0434. The Killing: 1x01 Pilot
0435. The Killing: 1x02 The Cage
0436. Being Human US: 1x12 You're The One That I Haunt
0437. Nurse Jackie: 3x02 Enough Rope
0438. United States Of Tara: 3x02 Crackerjack
0439. ER: 1x07 Another Perfect Day
0440. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x06 The Wire
0441. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x07 AAMCO
0442. Lights Out: 1x13 War
0443. The Good Wife: 2x19 Wrongful Termination
0444. Mr. Sunshine: 1x09 Ben And Vivian
0445. Justified: 2x09 Brother's Keeper
0446. Off The Map: 1x13 There's A Lot To Miss About The Jungle
0447. Breaking In: 1x01 Pilot
0448. Outsourced: 1x19 Charlie Curries A Favor From Todd
0449. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 1x01 SA: Public Security Section 9 - SECTION-9
0450. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 1x02 SA: Runaway Evidence - TESTATION
0451. Camelot: 1x03 Guinevere
0452. ER: 1x08 9 1/2 Hours
0453. The Practice: 2x19 The Trial
0454. The Borgias: 1x03 The Moor
0455. The Killing: 1x03 El Diablo
0456. Bob's Burgers: 1x10 Burger War
0457. Family Guy: 9x14 Tiegs For Two
0458. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 1x03 SA: A Modest Rebellion - ANDROID AND I
0459. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x01 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 1
0460. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x02 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 2
0461. How I Met Your Mother: 6x20 The Exploding Meatball Sub
0462. United States Of Tara: 3x03 The Full Fuck You Finger
0463. Nurse Jackie: 3x03 Play Me
0464. House: 7x18 The Dig
0465. The Chicago Code: 1x08 Wild Onions
0466. Being Human US: 1x13 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You
0467. The Good Wife: 2x20 Foreign Affairs
0468. Brothers & Sisters: 5x17 Olivia's Choice
0469. Brothers & Sisters: 5x18 Never Say Never
0470. Better With You: 1x17 Better Without A Job
0471. Justified: 2x10 Debts And Accounts
0472. Modern Family: 2x19 The Musical Man
0473. Breaking In: 1x02 'Tis Better To Have Loved And Flossed
0474. Happy Endings: 1x01 Pilot
0475. Happy Endings: 1x02 The Quicksand Girlfriend
0476. 30 Rock: 5x19 I Heart Connecticut
0477. Outsourced: 1x20 Mama Sutra
0478. The Office: 7x20 Training Day
0479. Community: 2x20 Competitive Wine Tasting
0480. Fringe: 3x19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
0481. Camelot: 1x04 Lady Of The Lake
0482. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x03 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 3
0483. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x04 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4
0484. Brothers & Sisters: 5x19 Wouldn't It Be Nice
0485. The Borgias: 1x04 Lucrezia's Wedding
0486. Game Of Thrones: 1x01 Winter Is Coming
0487. The Killing: 1x04 A Soundless Echo
0488. Family Guy: 9x15 Brothers & Sisters
0499. How I Met Your Mother: 6x21 Hopeless
0500. House: 7x19 Last Temptation
0501. United States Of Tara: 3x04 Wheels
0502. 90210: 3x18 The Enchanted Donkey
0503. Nurse Jackie: 3x04 Mitten
0504. The Chicago Code: 1x09 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
0505. The Practice: 2x20 Cloudy With A Chance Of Membranes
0506. The Comeback: 1x01 The Comeback
0507. The Practice: 2x21 In Deep
0508. Raising Hope: 1x18 Cheaters
0509. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x05 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 5
0510. ER: 1x09 ER Confidential
0511. ER: 1x10 Blizzard
0512. The Practice: 2x22 Another Day
0513. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x06 The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6
0514. Happy Endings: 1x03 Your Couples Friends & Neighbors
0515. Happy Endings: 1x04 Mein Coming Out
0516. Modern Family: 2x20 Someone To Watch Over Lily
0517. Better With You: 1x18 Better With Lying
0518. Justified: 2x11 Full Commitment
0519. 30 Rock: 5x20 100th Episode Part 1 Of 2
0520. 30 Rock: 5x21 100th Episode Part 2 Of 2
0521. Community: 2x21 Paradigms Of Human Memory
0522. The Office: 7x21 Michael's Last Dundies
0523. Fringe: 3x20 6:02 AM EST
0524. ER: 1x11 The Gift
0525. The Practice: 2x23 Checkmate
0526. The Practice: 2x24 Trees In The Forest
0527. The Comeback: 1x02 Valerie Triumphs At The Upfronts
0528. The Comeback: 1x03 Valerie Bonds With The Cast
0529. ER: 1x12 Happy New Year
0530. The Borgias: 1x05 The Borgias In Love
0531. Game Of Thrones: 1x02 The Kingsroad
0532. Treme: 2x01 Accentuate The Positive
0533. The Killing: 1x05 Super 8
0534. Brothers & Sisters: 5x20 Father Unknown
0535. Nurse Jackie: 3x05 Rat Falls
0536. 90210: 3x19 Nerdy Little Secrets
0537. United States Of Tara: 3x05 Dr. Hattera's Miracle Elixir
0538. Better With You: 1x19 Better With Dancing
0539. Raising Hope: 1x19 Sleep Training
0540. Happy Endings: 1x05 Like Father, Like Gun
0541. Justified: 2x12 Reckoning
0542. Better With You: 1x20 Better With Crying
0543. 30 Rock: 5x22 Everything Sunny All The Time Always
0544. The Office: 7x22 Goodbye, Michael
0545. Community: 2x22 Applied Anthropology And Culinary Arts
0546. Grey's Anatomy: 7x19 It's A Long Way Back
0547. Fringe: 3x21 The Last Sam Weiss
0548. Camelot: 1x05 Justice
0549. ER: 1x13 Luck Of The Draw

0550. The Comeback: 1x04 Valerie Stands Up For Aunt Sassy
0551. ER: 1x14 Long Day's Journey
0552. The Practice: 2x25 Foodchains
0553. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x07 The Boredom Of Haruhi Suzumiya
0554. The Borgias: 1x06 The French King
0555. Treme: 2x02 Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky
0556. Game Of Thrones: 1x03 Lord Snow
0557. The Killing: 1x06 What You Have Left
0558. Brothers & Sisters: 5x21 For Better Or For Worse
0559. House: 7x20 Changes
0560. How I Met Your Mother: 6x22 The Perfect Cocktail
0561. United States Of Tara: 3x06 The Road To Hell Is Paved With Breast Intentions
0562. 90210: 3x20 Women On The Verge
0563. Nurse Jackie: 3x06 When The Saints Go
0564. The Chicago Code: 1x10 Bathhouse & Hinky Dink
0565. The Good Wife: 2x21 In Sickness
0566. Raising Hope: 1x20 Everybody Flirts ... Sometimes
0567. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x08 Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody
0568. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: 1x09 Mystérique Sign

My 12 Favorite TV Shows In January
This is not an all-time list or whatever. Just a few shows that I have been enjoying in January 2011 in no particular order.

... has been consistently good in its third season. Sure, there are some people who will stop watching because of the baby plot, but I think it is an interesting idea, considering all that has been going on with Peter and the two Olivias. It's definitely the most fucked up love triangle I have ever seen. I love when the show gets personal and doesn't strictly separate the drama from science fiction. I feel like a lot of SciFi shows (I'm looking at you V) fail to make their characters interesting enough to make us care when something affects their life, but Fringe has never not made me care for Olivia, Peter or Walter.

The Wire
I've watched pretty much all of season four in January and it is the best season of the show in my opinion. During it's first three season the show has always looked at a specific problem affecting Baltimore (the drug business, the docks, political corruption), but I feel that the fourth season's focus on the school system was the most brutal and honest so far. You can feel how everything starts coming together. You get an up-close look at how those kids cannot escape from becoming drug dealers even though some of them try so hard. It's heartbreaking and I don't think I will ever get over Bodie's death. The way he was shot was just so incredibly cruel, I couldn't stop crying.

How I Met Your Mother
This is one show I never thought would be on any of my lists again. The writers truly did a 180 and saved the show. They realized that it's not about Barney and his friends. It's about Ted and his friends. With the introduction of Zoey they have finally managed to find someone who fits into the group perfectly and who I would actually like to be the mother, but I guess that won't be happening if they stick to continuity.

I watch a lot of shows. A lot. Really. I would call them all creative, but Community is reinventing the word with every episode. Never have I seen anything so incredibly ambitious. The writers change things up week to week and it never feels forced. Just look at the fabulous bottle episode where Annie loses her pen and everyone turns into a psycho or the Dungeons & Dragons episode. Those plots may not sound exciting, but Community is so full of lovely details and easter eggs that it's hard not to fall in love with it. And if you don't want to watch it for anything else, at least watch it for the adorable bromance between Abed and Troy.

The Good Wife
If this list had a particular order, this would be #1. All the shows I love have at least had one or two bad episodes. It's just the nature of things. But The Good Wife ... I seriously cannot remember one single episode I did not like. The quality is so consistent that I sometimes wonder if the writers are actually robots. Every week we are presented with a new case, but it never feels forced because the professional lives of the characters always affect them personally in one way or another. The cast is superb, the writing is flawless. I really can't say anything bad about this show. I'm in love with it, I wanna take walks with it on the beach, I want to take it to dinner and I want to spend the night with it.

Grey's Anatomy
I believe that Grey's Anatomy is a very misunderstood show. People always think the worst of it, but I think it's a very good drama. Sure, it can be cheesy sometimes, but that is what makes it what it is in my opinion. Its strength are definitely the characters. And there are a lot of them, which is why it never gets boring. Besides, how else am I going to get my weekly shirtless Jesse Williams fix?

... has been on the air for seven seasons and the writers still manage to keep it fresh. House (the character) has changed a lot and is in a relationship with Cuddy now, which serves as a basis for a lot of new and interesting stories. What I like about this season is that they have also started fleshing out the other doctors more. We never knew much about Chase or Taub in the previous seasons, but now I feel like we've been best buddies for the past six years. While the show is pretty much consistently good, there is one particular reason that I put it on the list: the latest episode, in which House has to save Cuddys mother. It was a very bold episode, because House (the character ... this is getting annoying) showed his even darker side when he threatened to fire Masters and brought her to tears. Not a lot of TV shows these days can have such a despicable protagonist and get away with it.

Whatever, kill me. I enjoy it. The main reason why I even started watching the show again was the announcement of Teddy becoming gay. I didn't expect to love it so much though. Trevor Donovan is doing a really good job with the coming out storyline and the rest of the cast has become better too, at least judging from what I remember of season 1. I'm not saying that 90210 is in any way quality television, because it isn't. However, it is very entertaining and I'm glad I gave it another chance after ignoring all of the second season.

It's only been back for one episode so far, but I loved it. Timothy Olyphant has really grown as an actor and he is acting the shit out of Raylan Gibbons. You can just feel how much he enjoys playing him. While I'm a little bit sad that they wrapped up the first season's storyline in just ten minutes, I'm already looking forward to the Bennet clan as the new big bad of the season. It's kind of sad that nobody I know watches this show. The pilot and the first few episodes are not really representative of what Justified has become, so if you ever decide to give it a chance, don't give up too soon.

Being Human US
No, I have not seen the original. And I probably won't for a long time. I hate people who hate remakes just for the fun of it. I think Being Human US is a lovely show with three very likeable main characters. Two minutes into the pilot you care so much about what happens to Aidan, Josh and Sally as if you have spend the last few years hanging out with them. The writing isn't the best, the acting probably isn't neither, but it's charming and cute. That's all.

Friday Night Lights
The last few episodes of this show have moved me to tears. It was so hard to say goodbye to all the people you cared about for the past five years. Eric and Tammi Taylor are probably two of the best characters in the history of television. It's rare to see a marriage depicted so realistically, but then again FNL has always been very keen on staying realistic. That's why it always felt so real. While the finale wasn't really the best episode of the show, it was a very fitting way of saying farewell to Dillon. I never knew I would be so consumed by a show about football.

I'm talking about the original, not the US. Season five started with an episode focusing on Franky only and I loved it. The new generation is definitely more interesting than the characters from seasons three and four. I can't wait for Grace's episode. She is so fucking adorable. If I was straight I would probably fall in love with and marry her. So lovely. Everyone keeps complaining that S5 so far does not have the typical Skins feel to it, but I could not disagree more. This is Skins at its finest. There's no need for gangsters, drugs or orgies. Some people forget that most of the teenagers in this world are not high 24/7.

Games In 2011
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001. Breath Of Fire (7/10)
002. Cities XL 2011 (6/10)
003. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (7/10)
004. The Last Remnant (6/10)
005. Dragon Quest V: Hand Of The Heavenly Bride (9/10)
006. Lunar Legend (6/10)
007. Lost Planet: Extrem Condition (7/10)
008. Jak And Daxter: The Last Frontier (4/10)

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Books In 2011
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001. Gulliver's Travels (5/10)
002. Rebecca (4/10)
003. Voyage Au Centre De La Terre (8/10)

Daphne duMaurier (1)
Jonathan Swift (1)
Jules Verne (1)

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1726 (1)
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Episodes In 2011, Part 1
Previous list: Episodes In 2010

0001. The Wire: 3x10 Reformation
0002. The Wire: 3x11 Middle Ground
0003. The Wire: 3x12 Mission Accomplished
0004. Death Note: 1x26 Saisei
0005. Brothers & Sisters: 5x11 Scandalized
0006. Pretty Little Liars: 1x11 Moments Later
0007. How I Met Your Mother: 6x13 Bad News
0008. Greek: 4x01 Defending Your Honor
0009. Death Note: 1x27 Yūkai
0010. Death Note: 1x28 Shōsō
0011. Twin Peaks: 2x08 Drive With A Dead Girl
0012. Twin Peaks: 2x09 Arbitrary Law
0013. V: 2x01 Red Rain
0014. Death Note: 1x29 Chichioya
0015. The Wire: 4x01 Boys Of Summer
0016. Twin Peaks: 2x10 Dispute Between Brothers
0017. Twin Peaks: 2x11 Masked Ball
0018. Modern Family: 2x11 Slow Down Your Neighbors
0019. Better With You: 1x11 Better With Skinny Jeans
0020. Friday Night Lights: 5x08 Fracture
0021. Grey's Anatomy: 7x11 Disarm
0022. The Wire: 4x02 Soft Eyes
0023. The Wire: 4x03 Home Room
0024. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x01 Albification
0025. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x02 Small Tears
0026. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x03 Fix
0027. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x04 Eureka
0028. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x05 Smite
0029. The Wire: 4x04 Refugees
0030. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x06 Faix Cerebri
0031. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x07 Gilead
0032. The Wire: 4x05 Alliances
0033. Episodes: 1x01 Episode One
0034. The Cape: 1x01 Pilot
0035. The Cape: 1x02 Tarot
0036. Family Guy: 9x08 New Kidney In Town
0037. Shameless US: 1x01 Pilot
0038. Brothers & Sisters: 5x12 Thanks For The Memories
0039. Bob's Burgers: 1x01 Human Flesh
0040. Greek: 4x02 Fools Rush In
0041. Pretty Little Liars: 1x12 Salt Meets Wound
0042. V: 2x02 Serpent's Tooth
0043. The Good Wife: 2x10 Breaking Up
0044. Lights Out: 1x01 Pilot
0045. Modern Family: 2x12 Our Children, Ourselves
0046. Off The Map: 1x01 Saved By The Great White Hope
0047. Friday Night Lights: 5x09 Gut Check
0048. Grey's Anatomy: 7x12 Start Me Up
0049. Death Note: 1x30 Seigi
0050. Death Note: 1x31 Ijō
0051. Twin Peaks: 2x12 The Black Widow
0052. Twin Peaks: 2x13 Checkmate
0053. Bob's Burgers: 1x02 Crawl Space
0054. Episodes: 1x02 Episode Two
0055. Brothers & Sisters: 5x13 Safe At Home
0056. Family Guy: 9x09 And I'm Joyce Kinney
0057. Shameless US: 1x02 Frank The Plank
0058. Greek: 4x03 Cross Examined Life
0059. The Cape: 1x03 Kozmo
0060. Pretty Little Liars: 1x13 Know Your Frenemies
0061. How I Met Your Mother: 6x14 Last Words
0062. House: 7x09 Larger Than Life
0063. Skins US: 1x01 Tony
0064. Harry's Law: 1x01 Pilot
0065. Lights Out: 1x02 Cakewalk
0066. The Good Wife: 2x11 Two Courts
0067. V: 2x03 Laid Bare
0068. Being Human US: 1x01 There Goes The Neighborhood, Part 1
0069. Modern Family: 2x13 Caught In The Act
0070. Off The Map: 1x02 Smile. Don't Kill Anyone
0071. Better With You: 1x12 Better With A Cat
0072. Twin Peaks: 2x14 Double Play
0073. The Wire: 4x06 Margin Of Error
0074. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x08 Potlatch
0075. Friday Night Lights: 5x10 Don't Go
0076. The Office: 7x13 Ultimatum
0077. Community: 2x12 Asian Population Studies
0078. 30 Rock: 5x11 Mrs. Donaghy
0079. Outsourced: 1x11 A Sitar Is Born
0080. Perfect Couples: 1x01 Pilot
0081. Fringe: 3x10 The Firefly
0082. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena: 1x01 Past Transgressions
0083. Death Note: 1x32 Sentaku
0084. The Wire: 4x07 Unto Others
0085. The Wire: 4x08 Corner Boys
0086. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x09 Fa Guan
0087. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x10 Balm
0088. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x11 Service
0089. Death Note: 1x33 Chōshō
0090. The Wire: 4x09 Know Your Place
0091. Episodes: 1x03 Episode Three
0092. Bob's Burgers: 1x03 Sacred Cow
0093. Shameless US: 1x03 Aunt Ginger
0094. Death Note: 1x34 Koshi
0095. Greek: 4x04 All About Beav
0096. Skins US: 1x02 Tea
0097. Pretty Little Liars: 1x14 Careful What U Wish 4
0098. 90210: 3x12 Liars
0099. House: 7x10 Carrot Or Stick
0100. Being Human US: 1x02 There Goes The Neighborhood, Part 2
0101. Lights Out: 1x03 The Shot
0102. Friday Night Lights: 5x11 The March
0103. Off The Map: 1x03 A Doctor Time Out
0104. Skins: 5x01 Franky
0105. 30 Rock: 5x12 Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning
0106. The Office: 7x14 The Seminar
0107. Community: 2x13 Celebrity Pharmacology 212
0108. Outsourced: 1x12 Sari, Charlie
0109. Fringe: 3x11 Reciprocity
0110. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena: 1x02 Missio
0111. Twin Peaks: 2x15 Slaves And Masters
0112. The Wire: 4x10 Misgivings
0113. The Wire: 4x11 A New Day
0114. Death Note: 1x35 Satsui
0115. Death Note: 1x36 1.28
0116. Episodes: 1x04 Episode Four
0117. Shameless US: 1x04 Casey Casden

0118. Death Note: 1x37 Shinsekai
0119. Trigun: 1x01 The $$60 Billion Man
0120. Skins US: 1x03 Chris
0121. Greek: 4x05 Home Coming And Going
0122. Pretty Little Liars: 1x15 If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again
0123. 90210: 3x13 It's Getting Hot In Here
0124. Being Human US: 1x03 Some Thing To Watch Over Me
0125. Trigun: 1x02 Truth Of Mistake
0126. Lights Out: 1x04 Bolo Punch
0127. The Good Wife: 2x12 Silly Season
0128. V: 2x04 Unholy Alliance
0129. Trigun: 1x03 Peace Maker
0130. Twin Peaks: 2x16 The Condemned Woman
0131. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x12 The Culling
0132. The Wire: 4x12 That's Got His Own
0133. Friday Night Lights: 5x12 Small Town
0134. Off The Map: 1x04 On The Mean Streets Of San Miguel
0135. Trigun: 1x04 Love & Peace
0136. Trigun: 1x05 Hard Puncher
0137. Grey's Anatomy: 7x13 Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)
0138. 30 Rock: 5x13 ¡Qué Sorpresa!
0139. Community: 2x14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
0140. Skins: 5x02 Rich
0141. Outsourced: 1x13 Training Day
0142. The Office: 7x15 The Search
0143. Fringe: 3x12 Concentrate And Ask Again
0144. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena: 1x03 Paterfamilias
0145. Trigun: 1x06 Lost July
0146. Twin Peaks: 2x17 Wounds And Scars
0147. Twin Peaks: 2x18 On The Wings Of Love
0148. Sons Of Anarchy: 2x13 Na Trioblóidí
0149. The Practice: 1x01 Pilot
0150. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x01 So
0151. Episodes: 1x05 Episode Five
0152. Shameless US: 1x05 Three Boys
0153. The Wire: 4x13 Final Grades
0154. 90210: 3x14 All About A Boy
0155. How I Met Your Mother: 6x15 Oh Honey
0156. Greek: 4x06 Fumble
0157. Pretty Little Liars: 1x16 Je Suis Une Amie
0158. Skins US: 1x04 Cadie
0159. The Chicago Code: 1x01 Pilot
0160. House: 7x11 Family Practice
0161. Being Human US: 1x04 Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)
0162. Traffic Light: 1x01 Pilot
0163. The Good Wife: 2x13 Real Deal
0164. Lights Out: 1x05 The Comeback
0165. Raising Hope: 1x12 Romeo And Romeo
0166. V: 2x05 Concordia
0167. Friday Night Lights: 5x13 Always
0168. Modern Family: 2x14 Bixby's Back
0169. Justified: 2x01 The Moonshine War
0170. Better With You: 1x13 Better With Valentine's Day
0171. Mr. Sunshine: 1x01 Pilot
0172. Off The Map: 1x05 I'm Here
0173. The Wire: 5x01 More With Less
0174. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x02 Oiled
0175. 30 Rock: 5x14 Double-Edged Sword
0176. Grey's Anatomy: 7x14 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
0177. Skins: 5x03 Mini
0178. Community: 2x15 Early 21st Century Romanticism
0179. Outsourced: 1x14 The Todd Couple
0180. The Office: 7x16 PDA
0181. Fringe: 3x13 Immortality
0182. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena: 1x04 Beneath The Mask
0183. Twin Peaks: 2x19 Variations And Relations
0184. The Practice: 1x02 Part I
0185. Twin Peaks: 2x20 The Path To The Black Lodge
0186. Twin Peaks: 2x21 Miss Twin Peaks
0187. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x03 Caregiver
0188. Twin Peaks: 2x22 Beyond Life And Death
0189. The Wire: 5x02 Unconfirmed Reports
0190. Brothers & Sisters: 5x14 One That Got Away
0191. Episodes: 1x06 Episode Six
0192. Family Guy: 9x10 Friends Of Peter G
0193. Bob's Burgers: 1x04 Sexy Dance Fighting
0194. Shameless US: 1x06 Facts Cannot Be Racist
0195. Skins US: 1x05 Stanley
0196. How I Met Your Mother: 6x16 Desperation Day
0197. The Chicago Code: 1x02 Hog Butcher
0198. House: 7x12 You Must Remember This
0199. 90210: 3x15 Revenge With The Nerd
0200. Greek: 4x07 Midnight Clear
0201. Pretty Little Liars: 1x17 The New Normal
0202. Being Human US: 1x05 The End Of The World As We Knew It
0203. The Good Wife: 2x14 Net Worth
0204. Raising Hope: 1x13 A Germ Of A Story
0205. V: 2x06 Siege
0206. Lights Out: 1x06 Combinations
0207. Traffic Light: 1x02 En Fuego
0208. The Practice: 1x03 Trial And Error
0209. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x04 Home
0210. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x05 Turning And Turning
0211. Modern Family: 2x15 Princess Party
0212. Off The Map: 1x06 It's Good
0213. Better With You: 1x14 Better With A Leather Jacket
0214. Justified: 2x02 The Life Inside
0215. Mr. Sunshine: 1x02 Employee Of The Year
0216. Grey's Anatomy: 7x15 Golden Hour
0217. Outsourced: 1x15 Guess Who's Coming To Delhi
0218. The Office: 7x17 Threat Level Midnight
0219. Community: 2x16 Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
0230. Skins: 5x04 Liv
0231. Fringe: 3x14 6B
0232. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena: 1x05 Reckoning
0233. 30 Rock: 5x15 It's Never Too Late For Now
0234. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x06 The Push
0235. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x07 Widening Gyre
0236. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x08 Lochan Mor
0237. The Practice: 1x04 Part IV
0238. The Practice: 1x05 Part V
0239. Brothers & Sisters: 5x15 Brody
0240. Family Guy: 9x11 German Guy
0241. Episodes: 1x07 Episode Seven
0242. Bob's Burgers: 1x05 Hamburger Dinner Theater
0243. Shameless US: 1x07 Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father
0244. How I Met Your Mother: 6x17 Garbage Island
0245. House: 7x13 Two Stories
0246. The Chicago Code: 1x03 Gillis, Chase & Babyface
0247. Skins US: 1x06 Abbud
0248. Greek: 4x08 Subclass Plagiostomi
0249. 90210: 3x16 It's High Time
0250. Being Human US: 1x06 It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong
0251. Pretty Little Liars: 1x18 The Badass Seed
0252. V: 2x07 Birth Pangs
0253. Raising Hope: 1x14 What Up, Cuz?
0254. Traffic Light: 1x03 All The Precedent's Men
0255. The Good Wife: 2x15 Last Shot
0256. Lights Out: 1x07 Crossroads
0257. Mr. Sunshine: 1x03 Heather's Sister
0258. Off The Map: 1x07 Es Un Milagro
0259. Modern Family: 2x16 Regrets Only
0260. Justified: 2x03 The I In The Storm
0261. Better With You: 1x15 Better With A Shamrock
0262. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x09 Turas
0263. The Practice: 1x06 Part VI
0264. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x10 Firinne
0265. The Office: 7x18 Todd Packer
0266. Skins: 5x05 Nick
0267. Outsourced: 1x16 Take This Punjab And Shove It
0268. 30 Rock: 5x16 TGS Hates Women
0269. Community: 2x17 Intro To Political Science
0270. Grey's Anatomy: 7x16 Not Responsible
0271. The Wire: 5x03 Not For Attribution
0272. The Wire: 5x04 Transitions
0273. The Practice: 2x01 Reasonable Doubts
0274. Fringe: 3x15 Subject 13
0275. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena: 1x06 The Bitter End
0276. Trigun: 1x07 B.D.N.
0277. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x11 Bainne
0278. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x12 June Wedding
0279. Sons Of Anarchy: 3x13 NS
0280. The Wire: 5x05 React Quotes
0281. The Wire: 5x06 The Dickensian Aspect
0282. Saving Grace: 1x01 Pilot
0283. Shameless US: 1x08 It's Time To Kill The Turtle

0284. Wonderfalls: 1x01 Wax Lion
0285. The Chicago Code: 1x04 Cabrini Green
0286. Skins US: 1x07 Michelle
0287. How I Met Your Mother: 6x18 A Change Of Heart
0288. 90210: 3x17 Blue Naomi
0289. House: 7x14 Recession Proof
0290. Being Human US: 1x07 I See Your True Colors ... And That's Why I Hate You
0291. Greek: 4x09 Agents For Change
0292. Pretty Little Liars: 1x19 A Person Of Interest
0293. The Good Wife: 2x16 Great Firewall
0294. Raising Hope: 1x15 Snip Snip
0295. V: 2x08 Uneasy Lies The Head
0296. Lights Out: 1x08 Head Games
0297. The Wire: 5x07 Took
0298. Modern Family: 2x17 Two Monkeys And A Panda
0299. Better With You: 1x16 Better Without A Couch
0300. Off The Map: 1x08 It's A Leaf
0301. Mr. Sunshine: 1x04 Hostile Workplace
0302. Traffic Light: 1x04 Credit Balance
0303. Justified: 2x04 For Blood Or Money
0304. The Wire: 5x08 Clarifications
0305. Skins: 5x06 Alo
0306. The Wire: 5x09 Late Editions
0307. Wonderfalls: 1x02 Karma Chameleon
0308. The Wire: 5x10 -30-
0309. Trigun: 1x08 And Between The Wasteland And Sky ...
0310. Wonderfalls: 1x03 Wound-Up Penguin
0311. Burn Notice: 1x01 Pilot
0312. The Practice: 2x02 Betrayal
0313. Wonderfalls: 1x04 Pink Flamingos
0314. The Practice: 2x03 The Blessing
0315. Family Guy: 9x12 The Hand That Rocks The Wheelchair
0316. Shameless US: 1x09 But At Last Came A Knock
0317. Bob's Burgers: 1x06 Sheesh! Cab, Bob?
0318. Brothers & Sisters: 5x16 Home Is Where The Fort Is
0319. House: 7x15 Bombshells
0320. Skins US: 1x08 Daisy
0321. The Chicago Code: 1x05 O'Leary's Cow
0322. Pretty Little Liars: 1x20 Someone To Watch Over Me
0323. Greek: 4x10 Legacy
0324. Being Human US: 1x08 Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things
0325. Breakout Kings: 1x01 Pilot
0326. Traffic Light: 1x05 Breaking Bread
0327. V: 2x09 Devil In A Blue Dress
0328. Lights Out: 1x09 Infight
0329. Raising Hope: 1x16 The Cultish Personality
0330. Justified: 2x05 Cottonmouth
0331. Off The Map: 1x09 There's Nothing To Fix
0332. Mr. Sunshine: 1x05 Crystal On Ice
0333. Skins: 5x07 Grace
0334. Fringe: 3x16 Os
0335. Wonderfalls: 1x05 Crime Dog
0336. The Practice: 2x04 Dog Bite
0337. Wonderfalls: 1x06 Barrel Bear
0338. Trigun: 1x09 Murder Machine
0339. The Practice: 2x05 First Degree
0340. Wonderfalls: 1x07 Lovesick Ass
0341. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x01 The Pants Tent
0342. Wonderfalls: 1x08 Muffin Buffalo
0343. Wonderfalls: 1x09 Safety Canary
0344. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x02 Ted And Mary
0345. Shameless US: 1x10 Nana Gallagher Had An Affair
0346. Breakout Kings: 1x02 Collected
0347. Bob's Burgers: 1x07 Bed & Breakfast
0348. Trigun: 1x10 Quick Draw
0349. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x03 Porno Gil
0350. The Practice: 2x06 Sex, Lies And Monkeys
0351. Skins US: 1x09 Tina
0352. The Chicago Code: 1x06 The Gold Coin Kid
0353. House: 7x16 Out Of The Chute
0354. Pretty Little Liars: 1x21 Monsters In The End
0355. Being Human US: 1x09 I Want You Back (From The Dead)
0356. V: 2x10 Mother's Day
0357. Raising Hope: 1x17 Mongooses
0358. Lights Out: 1x10 Cut Men
0359. Traffic Light: 1x06 No Good Deed
0360. The Practice: 2x07 Search And Seizure
0361. Wonderfalls: 1x10 Lying Pig
0362. The Practice: 2x08 The Means
0363. ER: 1x01 24 Hours
0364. The Practice: 2x09 Save The Mule
0365. Justified: 2x06 Blaze Of Glory
0366. Mr. Sunshine: 1x06 Lingerie Football
0367. Off The Map: 1x10 I'm Home
0368. Outsourced: 1x17 Todd's Holi War
0369. Skins: 5x08 Everyone
0370. Community: 2x18 Custody Law And Eastern European Diplomacy
0371. 30 Rock: 5x17 Queen Of Jordan
0372. Trigun: 1x11 Escape From Pain
0373. Fringe: 3x17 Stowaway
0374. Baccano!: 1x01 The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About The Possibility Of Him Being The Main Character
0375. ER: 1x02 Day One
0376. ER: 1x03 Going Home
0377. Wonderfalls: 1x11 Cocktail Bunny
0378. Wonderfalls: 1x12 Totem Mole
0379. Baccano!: 1x02 Setting The Old Woman's Qualms Aside, The Flying Pussyfoot Departs
0380. Family Guy: 9x13 Trading Places
0381. Shameless US: 1x11 Daddy's Girl
0382. Bob's Burgers: 1x08 Art Crawl
0383. Baccano!: 1x03 Randy And Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready For The Party
0384. The Practice: 2x10 Spirit Of America
0385. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x04 The Bracelet
0386. The Practice: 2x11 Hide And Seek
0387. The Practice: 2x12 Race With The Devil
0388. Pretty Little Liars: 1x22 For Whom The Bell Tolls
0389. Skins US: 1x10 Eura/Everyone
0390. How I Met Your Mother: 6x19 Legendaddy
0391. Being Human US: 1x10 Dog Eat Dog
0392. House: 7x17 Fall From Grace
0393. The Chicago Code: 1x07 Black Hand And The Shotgun Man
0394. Wonderfalls: 1x13 Caged Bird
0395. Lights Out: 1x11 Rainmaker
0396. The Good Wife: 2x17 Ham Sandwich
0397. Traffic Light: 1x07 Stealth Bomber
0398. Mr. Sunshine: 1x07 Celebrity Tennis
0399. Justified: 2x07 Save My Love
0400. Modern Family: 2x18 Boys' Night
0401. Off The Map: 1x11 Everything's As It Should Be
0402. Grey's Anatomy: 7x17 This Is How We Do It
0403. Outsourced: 1x18 Gupta's Hit & Manmeet's Missus
0404. The Office: 7x19 Garage Sale
0405. 30 Rock: 5x18 Plan B
0406. Community: 2x19 Critical Film Studies
0407. Fringe: 3x18 Bloodline
0408. The Practice: 2x13 The Civil Right
0409. Baccano!: 1x04 Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking A Lot And Slaughtering A Lot
0410. ER: 1x04 Hit And Run
0411. Curb Your Enthusiasm: 1x05 Interior Decorator
0412. The Practice: 2x14 The Pursuit Of Dignity
0413. The Practice: 2x15 Line Of Duty
0414. The Practice: 2x17 Burden Of Proof
0415. ER: 1x05 Into That Good Night
0416. ER: 1x06 Chicago Heat
0417. Bob's Burgers: 1x09 Spaghetti Western And Meatballs
0418. Shameless US: 1x12 Father Frank, Full Of Grace
0419. United States Of Tara: 3x01 ...youwillnotwin...
0420. Nurse Jackie: 3x01 Game On
0421. Being Human US: 1x11 Going Dutch
0422. Traffic Light: 1x08 Kiss Me, Kate
0423. The Good Wife: 2x18 Killer Song
0424. Lights Out: 1x12 Sucker Punch
0425. Mr. Sunshine: 1x08 The Assistant
0426. Justified: 2x08 The Spoil
0427. Off The Map: 1x12 Hold On Tight

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Movies In 2011
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001. Devil (7/10)
002. Battle In Seattle (9/10)
003. Avatar (9/10)
004. Law Abiding Citizen (6/10)
005. Greenberg (6/10)
006. Les Sept Jours Du Talion (5/10)
007. Moon (9/10)
008. Going The Distance (8/10)
009. 8: The Mormon Proposition (7/10)
010. Cairo Time (9/10)
011. The Fall (8/10)
012. 20 Centímetros (6/10)
013. Un Prophète (8/10)
014. Catfish (8/10)
015. Peepli Live (2/10)
016. Children Of Invention (7/10)
017. The Hangover (7/10)
018. Rückenwind (4/10)
019. Eat Pray Love (7/10)
020. The Crazies (5/10)
021. Boy (7/10)
022. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (6/10)
023. (Untitled) (6/10)
024. Valkyrie (5/10)
025. Hot Tub Time Machine (7/10)
026. Blue Velvet (3/10)
027. Red (6/10)
028. Sideways (8/10)
029. Amphetamine (5/10)
030. The Social Network (10/10)
031. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (7/10)
032. The Lovely Bones (6/10)
033. New York, I Love You (5/10)
034. My Soul To Take (4/10)
035. Shrek Forever After (5/10)
036. Happythankyoumoreplease (9/10)
037. Lost In Translation (8/10)
038. The Experiment (7/10)
039. Orphan (9/10)
040. It's Complicated (7/10)
041. The Dry Land (5/10)
042. The Royal Tenenbaums (5/10)
043. Contact (6/10)
044. Akmareul Boatda (8/10)

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